Continuing and Remedial Education (CARE) program caters to illiterate adults, especially young and adult women, who are well-beyond school age – yet illiterate and innumerate. Most of these people are from ethnic communities and not native speakers of Nepali, so they are doubly handicapped. TLC has been providing classes in basic Nepali, English and Math to this group as well.

Unlike, the government of Nepal, which provides three month long informal education to such women, TLC provides them with classes all round the year. An added impetus has been introduced by TLC wherein the young and adult women begin their classes by following the non formal education text books provided by the government and once they complete the course books, our staff start teaching them grade 1 books and gradually take them to higher level government school text books. From its inception in 2006 TLC has made numerous young and adult women literate in English, Nepali and Math. 

TLC is now providing CARE classes to some 35 young and adult women, one of whom is a rescued girl from an Indian circus in Southern India.