Internship Description
The Learning Center of Kathmandu, a grassroots NGO focused on educational enhancement programs for the underprivileged of Nepal, is looking for an intern to assist with the expansion of our programs. Thanks to the past success of our existing programs on a local scale (for more information about the specific interventions implemented by our organization, please see our website), we are intending to implement a pilot study in several sites of rural Nepal to test the scalability of our programs. In the initial stage, this will lead to a rapid expansion of our pool of beneficiaries and the implementation of rigorous impact evaluation methods that will help us determine how to scale up our programs.
We are looking for an intern whose responsibilities in this process will include: - Writing grant proposals, helping to secure funds necessary for expansion; - Designing and introducing data collection and impact evaluation measures to monitor and evaluate our educational enhancement programs (quantitative statistical measures, questionnaires, student tests, oral interviews,...); - Maintaining a database of beneficiaries of our programs.
This is an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to explore in areas related to international development and education, as well as to assist in the process of the expansion of a successful program into needy areas. It is an opportunity to help make a real difference to the lives of Nepalese with inadequate access to educational opportunities, while at the same time getting practical experience with educational development in a country with one of the lowest levels of human development in the world. This internship also provides excellent background for further work in the field of international development and education.
The specific skills and experience we are looking for in candidates for this position include: - Experience with writing grant proposals, ideally in the developing country setting; - At least a basic knowledge of statistics and related computer software (Microsoft Excel, STATA, SPSS,...); - Knowledge of and experience with evaluating the impact of development programs, ideally in the area of education.