The association for the support and adoption of children "Colors of the World" is a non-profit organization , born on 15/10/2004 with articles of incorporation filed with the Regional Tax Office of Bari on 11/02/2004 and registered in the Registry of NPIs on 19/01/2005, file no. In 2754.
The association was founded by a group of people consisting of adoptive parents and people already involved in the world of volunteering, with the dual objective of supporting children in developing countries and promote the establishment of 'international adoption in especially in our region Puglia.
Kids of Kathmandu is a non-profit organization that utilizes photography and the arts to raise awareness about the needs of orphans in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Our goal is to raise funds in order to provide a stable financial foundation for the children from which they can grow through funding for education, food, shelter, and immunizations.
With these very basic needs covered, our aim is to provide a sense of safety and encouragement for the children so that they can fully realize their potential in the rapidly changing environment of Nepal.
Mission Himalaya was founded in July 2008 by a group of socially committed professionals like teachers, tourism entrepreneurs and social workers. It is registered with the Office of the Company Registrar, Government of Nepal as Company not Distributing Profit to help orphaned children, providing primary health care, education and nutrition.