In recent years, Kathmandu has seen the influx of a large number of Nepali villagers seeking to escape the political conflict, or the increasingly harsh economic realities of rural Nepal. Many of these internal migrants are women and children, who end up taking menial employment in the lodges, restaurants and domestic helpers.

Nearly all children experience an immediate disruption of their education. Even those who wish to enroll in local schools find admission difficult because they are so far behind their age peers, given the difference in educational standards between the capital and the outlying areas.


Some of these children, given intensive coaching, can “close the gap” and return to school. Hence with the seed funding from FAO we began “Back to School” program. Since then I colori del mondo an Italian NGO based in Bari and others have been regularly contributing to the cause of admitting more children in this program. Since 2007 we have funded 19 children out of which 7 completed plus two, one became a licensed Community Medical Assistant (CMA), one is pursuing chef training, 4 are doing their plus two and 4 are in primary and pre-primary grades.