TLC’s first and foremost well-known program brings together committed teachers from good private schools and children from poorly run government schools. TLC provides the students from grades 8 to 10 tutorial classes in English, Science and Math a few hours a day, six days a week, throughout the school year. These students are rigorously prepared for the all-important School Leaving Certificate (SLC) exam also known in this part of the world as the iron-gate.


The SLC is the gateway to all further study or training and to any meaningful employment here in Nepal. Enabling students to succeed in the SLC dramatically brightens their future prospects. Generally over 60% of government school students fail in this exam. TLC since its inception has provided tutorial classes to more than 2500 students and all have come out with flying colors and many have achieved the much-coveted “Distinction”.

In 2013 TLC began its PIE program in Panauti some 35 kms away from the Kathmandu valley and has been catering to around 100 students from three government schools.